Klarna Shipping (KSA)

Klarna Shipping Assistant (formerly KSS) is an integration into Klarna Checkout (KCO). Ingrid produces the shipping options inside of KCO, via KSS integration with Klarna.

Configure Ingrid in Klarna KSA


  • Klarna developer account

Find the signup link for your appropriate region here https://developers.klarna.com/documentation/testing-environment/


  1. Configure your site at Ingrid. Learn more in Configuration & Customisation
  2. Go to the appropriate Klarna admin eg. EU playground used here https://playground.eu.portal.klarna.com
  3. Accept the agreement at https://playground.eu.portal.klarna.com/logistics/agreements
  4. Create a new profile at https://playground.eu.portal.klarna.com/logistics/profile, select Ingrid as TMS
  5. Once created, activate the profile under by adding a country mapping, select Global as county https://playground.eu.portal.klarna.com/logistics/active-profiles
  6. Verify that the Shipping Profile listed in https://playground.eu.portal.klarna.com/logistics/profiles now has Status active

For further details in KSA config please find Klarnas documentation at https://developers.klarna.com/documentation/merchant-shipping/getting-started/



ingrid api key. Find which is your API keys in Ingrid API Keys


ingrid (yes, that is the plain text string ingrid)

Session Complete

Once, on merchant side, the KCO push callback for the order arrives, informing that the order has gone through. Ingrid expects to get a session.complete call.


Then you need to fetch the delivery information needed, typically external_method_id and pickup point ID from Ingrid session.

Use this information for booking.

Data Mapping

Klarnas' notion of tags in KCO maps to attributes in Ingrid.

Specifically, as follows;

  • order.tags -> cart.attributes
  • order.order_lines[].shipping_attributes.tags -> cart.items[].attributes

Special tags

Some tags found in a Klarna order.tags are provide additional intent to Ingrid.

This tags have special meaning;

  • free_shipping 

    set Ingrid 

  • cart.vouchers = free_shipping

VAT Inclusion

Ask Ingrid Support to add the following snippet to service_configuration.json

"configuration_type": "adapter-klarna-kss-settings",
"configuration_data": {
"tax_rate": {
"SE": 2500
"complete_on_confirm": true

"SE": 2500 means it's 25% for Swedish market.

Installation checklist