Activating "Always use default delivery time" feature

This delivery time feature makes Ingrid Checkout to always show the same delivery time for a specific Delivery Category.

What is "Always use default delivery time" feature?

Ingrid Delivery time has two states:

1) Before address is given to Ingrid services
  • Ingrid does not know where the current order will be sent, and the estimation is based on IMP configuration only
2) After address is given (zip code etc.)
  • Ingrid calls Carrier Delivery time services and performs delivery time calculations to achieve the most precise delivery promise for the end consumer based on both carrier API response and IMP configuration

The Feature "Always use default default delivery time" is a way to overrule normal Ingrid Checkout behavior and define that both states: "before" and "after address" should show the same delivery time.

This essentially means hard coding the delivery time and bypassing integrated carrier product delivery time request.

However delivery time calculations in Ingrid always take Warehouse cut offs into consideration.

Read more on how to Setting/Changing/Removing a cut-off time for each Carrier product.

Purpose of this feature

  • Making the delivery configuring user in control of the delivery promise presented
  • Making sure E-commerce-, Logistics and Marketing teams internally can agree and then set a Delivery offering that meet all teams aspects of securing the best business outcome based on delivery time presentation

States where this features is not supported

  • Using this feature for delivery time where the Carrier Products delivery time slot is part of the booking request towards a carrier booking API will produce other time slots than the ones supported by the carrier booking.
  • This feature is not supported when using the "preorder" functionality in the Checkout API.
  • Ingrid Documentation for Preorder is found at:

    How to activate this feature?

    1. Go to Delivery Checkout / Regions

    2. Select the Region that needs changes

    3. Select the category for which to active the feature

    4. Secure the default delivery time offering in fields on the Category:

    - Delivery time / Minimum

    - Delivery time /Maximum

    5. Toggle feature: "Always use default delivery time" to Active