Category Labels

This article describes the Delivery Checkout feature Category Labels and provides a step by step guide on how to set and add a Category Label in Ingrid Merchant Platform.

What are Category Labels?

Category Labels allow merchant to explain a Delivery option in Checkout for the consumer by assigning a labels to the Delivery option in the Checkout.

There are 3 types of category labels available for the merchant to use: Sustainability, Priority and Custom labels. The Sustainability and Priority label types are predefined while the custom label does not come with any predefined elements. Predefined label types currently only have specific icons connected to them while custom labels does not have any.

Each category label can include a description that'll also be visible to customers when hovering over a category (or tapping on it in case of mobile devices).

Example of a Priority label

How to set a Category Label in the Ingrid Merchant Platform?

To create or modify labels edit the desired Delivery Category within selected Region.

While creating a new Label you'll be required to enter a name and select one of available types.

Each category can have multiple labels which can be sorted using drag-and-drop. The top ranked label will show up first (to the left in the Delivery Category in checkout).

Clicking on the Label's name will open an edition modal, in which one can set the Name and Description of the label in a specified language in order to secure correct localisation. 

Adding a category label step by step through Ingrid Merchant Platform

This section helps you add category labels to your Delivery Categories in checkout.

1. Select a region

2. Add a delivery category or go into an existing one

3. Scroll down to "labels" and click "add new"

4. Set a name and type for the label

5. A label is added and can then be adjusted

6. Click the name of the label to open it

7. Select locale to define a translation

8. Set Name and Description

9. If you have multiple labels on the same category, labels can draged and dropped to to end up listed as first label on that category