Customs declarations

The customs are documents required for certain non-EU countries that require additional papers for international shipment. Ingrid TA provides an ability to generate such documents.

The idea is for the client to be able to generate the customs as easily as the labels from the Ingrid platform. Currently though, the merchant’s integration has to be adjusted to process the customs within an API call. For usage of SOM API, please visit our Swagger.

Initially we supported the “global standard” like CN22 and CN23 but all of them will be replaced by general_custom_declaration type.

The purpose of general_customs_declaration, is to avoid managing all those different documents types (manually for instance CN22 or CN23 etc.). Merchant can just provide an unified general customs declaration and the carrier service itself decides what documents it should generate/ and send to carrier API.

Carriers that currently supports Custom Declarations:

Post Nord, DE Post, Fedex, Lotte, UPS, DHL Express supports custom declaration to some extent.

Which details we have to send for each carrier (in the request) ? like precise description of which custom declaration field are to be send when booking certain carrier service?


As far filling in as much fields are possible, there is also data validation. If you receive any validation error for missing field then you need to add it for the particular carrier .

This part is handled by validation step, shipment will not be created (ideally) if data in the custom declaration is incorrect. What fields are required to fill in, is very much dependent on carrier. currently validation error during the booking is the only way of knowing that.