Drafts in Ingrid Merchant Platform

In this article, you will find out how do Ingrid Merchant Platform drafts work, where to find them and how to either publish or delete them.

What are the drafts in Ingrid Merchant Platform?

Every change you make in Ingrid Merchant Platform is not instantly reflected on your website. Other than this, it's being first applied on draft. This allows you to apply features, do the changes in Ingrid more safely and reliably. To populate the changes from the draft you need to publish it.

Where to find a current draft?

Drafts are visible on the top right side of the IMP dashboard. The date of the draft and its creator's email address appears when the draft is created. 

Purpose of drafts

  • Security - every unpublished change won't affect the main configuration, to ensure its stability.
  • Control - with the distinction between the draft and live settings, you can surveil what is under progress and what recent changes were done on both environments.
  • Testing - changes that are applied on draft can still be tested before launch, for example with "Use draft data" flag in Test Checkout Widget.

How to use drafts?

1. Make any change inside Ingrid Merchant Platform.

2. Witness draft info appearing in the upper section of the UI.

3. To publish the draft, first choose "Preview changes" to access its history and then click on "Publish".

4. To get rid of the draft, simply click three dots next to "Preview changes" and select "Remove draft".

5. After publishing/removing the draft, you should see a proper notification.


Example of use