External method ID

This article describes the concept of External method ID in Ingrid, its logic and the usage.

What is an External method ID?

External method ID is an unique carrier product identifier stored in a Merchant's WMS or TA system. 

Image 1 - Example of an external method ID PAR

Setup Guidance


In your 3PL, WMS (Warehouse Management System) or TA (Transport Administration) systems, a carrier service is defined with a special code/ID. Just like in Ingrid - every carrier product is defined with a product code seen below a product name. For example, UPS Standard internal Ingrid code is ups-std:

In order to link a chosen shipping option in Ingrid with the shipping method in your WMS, the external method ID is used.

There you have to define a unique identifier of a particular carrier service from your WMS/TA (depending on the booking flow).

Eventually external method ID will land in the delivery information of the order.


             Image 2 - External method id in the Delivery information of Ingrid Transport Order

External method id is a mandatory setting to define, otherwise the booking information flow could be unpredictable.

Setting External method id in Ingrid Platform


1. Go to Delivery Checkout > Regions > Specific region > Specific carrier product

2. Define an External method id