Setting up the Free Delivery Indicator

In this article it will be described how to properly set a Free Delivery Indicator (Upsell bar) and test it

First, make sure to set a price rule for a particular carrier product, which is conditioned by a total value of the cart. Currently, only Total Cart Value price rules are supported. See the article on price rules here.

In order to set Free Delivery Indicator in the Delivery Checkout:

1. Go the Delivery Checkout section, Features page.

2. Select a country.

3. Scroll down to the section "Delivery Upsell".

4. Check "Show free delivery indicator"

5. Decide if indication of free shipping should be based on either of the two display options:

- Category Name

- Delivery Type and Carrier Name

6. Decide if you want to show carrier logo inside of Free Shipping Indicator or not

7. Test that you get the desired outcome