Kodmyran is an headless e-commerce platform with merchants mainly from Sweden.

  • Merchant contacts support@kodmyran.se and requests access to Ingrid's plugin. Kodmyran will provide an estimate on the work required to have the plugin installed. This might include a version upgrade of the platform(Kodmyran 6.8.x+ is supported) and frontend work.
  • Ingrid Delivery Checkout v2
  • Ingrid TA(including customs declarations)
  • There are currently no known limitations related to attributes
Postal code synchronisation with PSPs
  • KCO is supported
  • SCO is semi-supported, either you can have the actual payment page on a separate page or on the same page as the freight but in that case Kodmyran is unable to pre-fill the postal code due to limitations in Sveas API
  • Other PSPs have not been tested and support would added on a need basis

If there are any other requests regarding this integration, please contact with your onboarding lead.