Access to Ingrid Merchant Platform

Ingrid Merchant Platform (IMP) is the administration portal for Ingrid merchants. It's is a sophisticated tool which allows you to have a full control over your Delivery Checkout and Tracking setup.

There are two environments of Ingrid platform - stage(testing) and production. You as a merchant would get an access to both environments from Ingrid Support Team.

How do I login to Ingrid Merchant Platform (IMP)?

  1. Select environment.
      1. Stage:
      2. Production
  2. Login with the login details which you received from Ingrid Support team

    How do I request a new user for my Merchant account in Ingrid Platform?

    There is no limit in the number of users for your account in IMP. To request a creation of a new user, please approach with the email address, name and surname of a new user.