Norce (formerly Jetshop)


Norce (formerly named Jetshop) is a full-service e-commerce platform which means that Norce will handle the installation and configuration of Ingrid's checkout plugin.


To activate the plugin Norce needs a site id and private key provided by the merchant.


The plugin currently supports version 1 of Ingrid's Delivery Checkout, v2 will be implemented but we don't have a date to communicate yet.

Addons within the checkout widget are supported.


Norce does not support dynamic product attributes at this moment, however they do support some attributes, these can be used to build filter rules within Ingrid's merchant platform:

  • isbulky=true (Sent to Ingrid if merchant checks the box "Skrymmande produkter on product level in Norce)
  • freightclass={freightClass.Name} (Where {freightClass.Name} is replaced with the freight class set on product level in Norce)
  • freefreight=true (Sent to Ingrid on cart level if free freight is applied on a cart in Norce)
  • b2b=true (Sent to Ingrid on cart level if order is a B2B order)

Norce does not pass dimensions to Ingrid currently, freightclass is used instead.

Weight is propagated to Ingrid.