When Ingrid plugin is activated in Centra for a merchant, then Ingrid attributes are added on the Centra order.

Centra has a fallback for if Ingrid is down. Centra then falls back to Centra delivery options.

Use your API Key to activate Ingrid in Centra.

The following is a description of the field names used Centra API and exports.

Ingrid in Centra

If a client has Ingrid Delivery Checkout activated as plugin in Centra then Ingrid will be setting the Ingrid shipping method on the Centra E-com order. Centra has a standardized format of exposing this Ingrid specific fields in the SOAP API and the Order API. These fields will be required to integrate in the data flow to any 3PL/WMS and used for booking in TMS in order for the merchant to respect the Consumers selected delivery option from Ingrid Delivery Checkout on the E-com order. The fields that are exposed are those saved on the Order as attributes:

Centra Shipments API


What to consider when you use Ingrids tracking widget in Centra but another TA system?

If you use Ingrids tracking widget, but another TA system (eg. nShift), Ingrid will not be aware of the tracking number, since it's another TA system that get this information from the carrier and shipping method the customer selected, when the TA system is booking the pickup with the carrier.
Ingrid need to know the Tracking number, which shipping method, order number (or tos_id) and direction type that's connected to the order, to be able to fetch a delivery status and show this in our Tracking widget. More info about this here.
Centra can send the tracking number to Ingrid, however, this is an extra service that you need to order from Centra. We call this the "Ingrid tracking worker". 
So you need to contact Centra via sales@centra.com to get the "Ingrid tracking worker" and then Centra will give you an offer and handle the communication with us in Ingrid so that you can use the Ingrid Tracking widget in your webshop and level up the post purchase experience for your customers. 

What if I have Ingrids TA (Tracking Administration) and wants the tracking widget in Centra?

Well, then it's easy!

When using Ingrid Transport Automation all of your shipments will be automatically visible in the Ingrid tracking solution and you do not need to tell Centra to enable the "Ingrid tracking worker". This is also highlighted here.



Centra Order API


Example values


















  • The chosen shipping method. Ingrid’s internal ID can for example be pnl-mpc(Postnord Mypack)


  • This fields hold the Ingrid External Method ID set by Merchant in Ingrid Merchant Platform. This is a free text string that is used for mapping of shipping options from Centra E-com order to any 3 party solution such as ERP, VMS or TMS. One example would be for the case of using UNIFAUN as TMS to set the “UNIFAUN codes” as the External Method ID in Ingrid which will then land as Ingrid Converted method ID on the E-com order (shipwallet_converted_method_id In SOAP API). That means eg. that Postnord Mypack collect could be set to correct UNIFAUN code(P19) already in Ingrid and then be picked up from Centra order and just forwarded through the ERP and/or VMS for Booking in TMS.


  • If the user has selected a pickup point option in Ingrid Delivery Checkout, the ID of the pickup point will always land on the Centra E-com order. This means Pickup Point ID is only present when a Pickup point option is selected by Consumer in the Checkout.


  • When it should be delivered. This can be a user choice, if they use for example Best.


  • Door code, if added by Consumer in Ingrid Delivery Checkout.


  • Generic instructions for the courier , if added by Consumer in Ingrid Delivery Checkout., maximum 250 chars.


  • Ingrid’s unique session identifier. 32 characters in size. Generally doesn’t hold any value for the 3PL, but good for back tracing. A completed order would have only one connected checkout session.


  • Ingrid’s unique session identifier for identifying an Order in Ingrid. TOS order is created based on all complete checkout session. This id holds the delivery information that should be used for booking for E-com or ERP or WMS A completed order would have only one connected TOS ID. TOS ID could be requested from Ingrid SIW API and be used to call Ingrid Booking service to get Parcel label (SOM API).