Installation and configuration


The plugin supports the following versions of Prestashop:

  • 1.7.x
  • 8.0.x
  • 8.1.x (Not yet tested but is assumed to work)

This module overrides the PrestaShop core class called CustomerAddressForm. And for the module to be installed correctly please make sure the folder override/controllers and override/classes can be written to.

This is needed for PrestaShop to copy the files from the module and install them in the override folder.


Initial configuration

To get the best result, please make sure that any other carrier options except the Ingrid Delivery Checkout option are inactive.



The minimum configuration required for this integration is to enter your encoded API token in the API token text field.

The default carrier price field lets you control what the default carrier price will be before the customer has reached the delivery checkout iframe.

By using the custom carrier checkout page option you can choose whether to use the default cart page in PrestaShop, or the Ingrid module’s own cart page with the delivery checkout iframe included. If this option is activated you can control what the URL of your payment checkout page is. This works well with third party checkouts.

This module supports cart item attributes. To add attributes to a product, simply edit the product in your back office and go to the tab called “Options” to access the “Ingrid attributes” field.



If you want to see the Ingrid carrier data on an order in PrestaShop, simply click on any placed order and scroll down until you see a box on the order page called “Ingrid Delivery Checkout.” Here you will see the selected shipping option, shipping price and delivery addons along with the full session data in JSON format.



The plugin is built for Ingrids delivery checkout v1, support for v2 is not planned currently.

The following fields are propagated to Ingrid and can be used to build filter rules:

  • Product attributes
  • Dimensions
  • Weight

Addons within the checkout widget are supported.