Scoping is a process of gathering and analysing of information that will be used for setting up the delivery experience. At this phase a Merchant has enough information to detail how the delivery experience in the checkout should be like.

What should I expect during the Scoping step?

Like any of the step of the Onboarding Scoping is very much based on the mutual work between a Merchant and Ingrid. It's the time to set up the base for the whole project. Thus during the scoping we expect you to:

  • Detail business requirements
  • Prepare the list of delivery offerings
  • Provide a relevant system overview
  • Provide a relevant project stuffing
From Ingrid side we:
  • Explain Ingrid Product way of working
  • Review the delivery offerings
  • Provide with API keys and documentation

Business Requirements

In order to set up the Delivery Checkout experience accordingly to the Merchant's business strategy and expectations Ingrid collects information on delivery offerings, carrier products to be used, supported markets. As a Merchant, you'll receive a Business requirements template from your CS Agent to define the business scope.

Learn more on the carrier products already supported in Ingrid Product Integrations

API keys

Find your unique API Keys to access Ingrid API

Ingrid Merchant Platform (IMP)

Ingrid offers a sophisticated admin for you to manage your the Delivery Experience. This where you as a Merchant will be administrating your Delivery Checkout, Tracking and TA setup.

Access and permission levels can be set for all employees or limited user groups depending on team and company structure.

Staging environment:
Production environment:


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