Setting up cut-off time in the warehouse

This article summarises what is a cut-off time and how to set it up or modify it in Ingrid Merchant Platform.

Tip: to move on with setting up cut-off time on the warehouses it would be helpful to get familiar with Warehouse settings first.

Set up cut-off/operating schedules in Ingrid Merchant Platform


  1. From your Ingrid Merchant Platform admin go to Delivery Checkout > Warehouses.
  2. Click on the Warehouse name.
  3. Scroll down to Operating Schedules and find a carrier product name.
  4. Adjust each day by clicking on the current time or empty field next to a day that is missing a cut off time.

  5. Click the three dots, next to a cut off time, to find additional actions for the selected time: assign the same cut off time for the full week or remove if this cut of time for that day.