Shipments Templates

Templates enable handling of a manual booking flow in a secure and fast way. Templates hold settings that are reusable for creating and booking shipments.

What is a template

A template consist of all fields that are needed in order to process a booking flow for a shipment. The fields that are filled in the template will be automatically pre-filled when the template is used for booking. This way user saves time in a manual booking flow by not having to set the same sender address, carrier product or carrier customer number for each unique booking. Instead user can setup a range of templates that will improve the workflow speed.

Template fields

Template details:

Template name: Sets the name of the template for listing in other views in Merchant Platform

User tags: The template can be shared with users with the same user tag.


Customer Address: The template could hold a static Customer Address

Sender Address: The template could hold a static Sender Address

Delivery Address: The template could hold a static Delivery Address


The template could hold static line items on the cart where all below cart item information could be set.

Consignment details

The template can hold the consignment details

Shipping option

The template typically holds the Shipping option used for the template where Shipment Type, Carrier Product etc. are specified.

Shipment metadata

Customer number and Carrier product add-ons can also be set for the template after selecting the carrier product in Shipping options section.

Extra information

Finally a template could be holding Notes and files.

Using a template for booking

  1. Create a template
  2. Go to the Shipments page
  3. Press Create in the top right corner to create a new shipment manually
  4. In the Templates listing select a template that you want to apply