Shipping price

This article declares what the delivery price in Ingrid Checkout is and how to set it up in Ingrid Merchant Platform.

What is a shipping price?

A shipping price in Ingrid is the total price which you expect your end consumer to pay for delivering the package. The total price means that Ingrid doesn't separate the packaging costs, or VAT, but the presented delivery price is conclusive. 

Shipping price adjustments

You as a merchant can modify the delivery price based on various conditions, like the total weight or sum of the purchase, voucher code or a delivery country.

To introduce such adjustments find more in Shipping price adjustments

Setting up shipping price

In Ingrid each carrier service should be assigned with a delivery price. As a merchant you decide on the value of the delivery price, which could be a conclusion of a special business agreements with partner companies or a carrier.

To define a delivery price in Delivery Checkout you need to have some Carrier products set up already.


  1. From your Ingrid Merchant Platform admin go to Delivery Checkout > Regions > Specific region > Specific carrier product.
  2. Find Base price field and define a shipping price.

  3. Note: in Ingrid you don't set up the purchase currency but only the value of the shipping price. 
    The currency code should be defined on the side of your e-commerce and should be coming in Ingrid Session. Find more in SIW API Documentation

Free shipping indicator in Delivery Checkout

As a merchant you could highlight for your customers how much value (in terms of money) is missing in the cart to get the delivery for free (shipping price is equal to 0).

To do so you should enable a Delivery upsell. Learn more in Delivery upsell