Transport Orders

The Transport Orders page is where all orders that go via Ingrid are collected. As a User you can review any completed orders to see the result produced from Ingrid services.

What is a Transport Order? 

The transport order (TO) is the aggregation of all information that Ingrid is keeping related to a delivery. This means that an order that is processed via Delivery Checkout and/or Transport Automation is collected here under an identifier - the Transport Order ID (TOS ID)

Main purpose of Transport orders

A Transport Orders and its TOS ID is returned from Ingrid services and can also be used for any Ingrid Service. The typical use case for TOS ID is that when a Delivery Checkout session is completed, a TOS ID is created and returned on the Delivery Checkout Session. The TOS ID can then be stored as the sole identifier for at any point in time being able to:

  1. Retrieve the Delivery Checkout result / the selected Delivery Option for that Checkout session that should be used for booking with another TA system than Ingrid's.
  2. Book and Print labels by calling the Ingrid Transport Automation service with only the TOS ID and getting the correct label in return. Learn more
  3. Produce the Ingrid Delivery Tracking service on your website by calling Delivery Tracking service with TOS ID and getting the Delivery Tracking widget in return. Learn more