Custom Warning Text

Custom Warning Text adds a warning text field with yellowish background below a Delivery Category to help pin point a warning message to the consumer for this specific delivery category.

What is Custom Warning Text?

  • This is basically an extra text field on Delivery Categories that can be used to indicate special messaging during special occasions such as:
      • During big sales peaks - When delivery delay is a plausible scenario for certain delivery options. e.g. Pickup Points being full due to none collected orders
      • During extra ordinary circumstances like COVID-19 pandemic to make consumer aware that certain delivery options should be handled with care such as pickup up parcels in a pickup point etc etc.

How to set a Custom Warning Text?

1. Go to and select a Region

2. Select a Delivery Category for which to set Custom Warning Text

3. Set the locale/language for which you would like to present the text

en-US = American English, sv-SE = Swedish in Sweden etc.

4. Write the text needed in the Custom Warning Text Fields

5. Use HTML tags such as <br> (for line break) or <a href> for adding links

6. Review your draft in Test Widget

7. Publish draft