Setting up custom text

Custom text feature allows you to replace information received from the carrier with your own, fixed content.

What is "Custom text" feature?

Custom text is a string that appears on the checkout instead of usual ETA prediction, ignoring both carrier API responses and previous IMP configuration.

Purpose of "Custom text"

For specific or special circumstances, the feature overwrites delivery time calculations to secure the custom delivery time in checkout.

For example, typical use cases are when there are issues in warehousing with unknown consequences on delivery time for order, but when orders are still accepted on the e-commerce site. Or there's an extreme warehouse backlog or special delivery times due to a campaign or event.

Purpose of "Custom text"

Custom text can serve various purposes:

  • Safeguard for the emergency period when the ETA is unknown
  • Temporary message that the ETA can be delayed due to specific circumstances
  • Placeholder for any text message that can be placed instead of ETA


After applying it, a fixed message will be visible on the checkout below the Delivery Category name: