Free Delivery Indicator

The Free Delivery Indicator displays how much value (in terms of money) is missing in the cart before the customer has reached a shipping discount level. The discount levels are configured using Ingrid's price rules.

A discount price rule can reduce the price of any delivery, either partially or fully (free).

Free Delivery Indicator is a feature used to:

  • communicate free shipping limits based on the total cart value to consumers
  • to drive up-sell of added product to cart for Merchants

Free Delivery Indicator works in the composition with Price rules set per Carrier Product in Regions.

  • Currently, only the price rule Total Cart Value is supported
  • Total Cart Value price rule also must have one of the operators:
      • Bigger than (>)
      • Bigger and equal to (>=)

Important info: If two Carrier Products have the same exactly the same price rule set, the Sort order ranking on a delivery category will win.