Units & Formats

This article describes the general logic behind formats and units of Delivery time promise in Checkout.

Units of delivery time in Ingrid Checkout

Unit effects the way the delivery time is presented to an end consumer. Currently there are 5 units supported in Ingrid:

  • Day - eg. Delivered in 1-2 days
  • Business Day - Same as above but with weekends and bank holidays excluded
  • Hour - eg. Delivered in 9-10 hours
  • Minute - eg. Delivered in 120 minutes
  • Week - eg. Delivered in this or next week.

Image 1 - Budbee Box with a unit "Business day" in Delivery time.

Formats of delivery time in Ingrid Checkout

Depending on the set format the delivery time promise would be presented as the range of days, a day in a week, a specific date of the year or both (date and day of the week).

Available formats at Ingrid:

  • Days - eg. Delivered in 2 days
  • Date - eg. Delivered on 15 Jun
  • Weekday - Delivered on Monday
  • Weekday Date - Delivered on Monday 15/6

Image 2 - Home Delivery DHL with "Weekday date" format in the delivery time

Setting up Units & Formats in Ingrid Merchant Platform


  1. From your Ingrid Platform admin go to Delivery Checkout > Regions > Specific region > Specific Delivery category
  2. Scroll to Units. Select Day, Business day, Hour, Minute or Week from a dropdown list.
  3. Scroll to Format. Select Day, Date, Weekday or Weekday date in the dropdown list.
  4. Save the changes and test them in Test Checkout Widget