Configuration & Integration

During this phase, we will set up TA based on your business requirements and needs. This article also includes what you need to get started with integrating Ingrid TA into your ecosystem.


In the case of manual booking, then please refer to the separate article titled "How to book a shipment on IMP"?

Booking with Ingrid TA

How to book with Ingrids TA is described in our developer documents

We recommend using the CreateAndBook method when booking if there is no explicit need for splitting the booking procedure into different steps.

When Ingrid is used in the checkout, the TOS ID can be provided in the booking request essentially replacing all information except the number of parcels to book. Since Ingrid already has access to the transport data there is no need to provide it at the time of booking. That said, it is always possible to override any information by providing it in the booking call.

TA technical documentation: for Calling Ingrid TA via API calls to automatize the booking process

  1. SOM is responsible for shipment order management. Booking and tracking of the shipments, parcels, and deliveries. Below are the endpoints (or methods) available. Related documents on how to book through Ingrid TA can be accessed here
  2. SOM API swagger documentation:

What external services does the merchant has to connect with Ingrid TA?

  • Not necessarily but practically you'll use either a WMS or an ERP that either has integration with Ingrid today or they'll have it built for them or by themselves. In some rare cases, the TA integration is in the e-com platform(common for smaller merchants)

Do merchants also need to connect e-com in order to use Ingrid TA?

  • We will need shipping data from the e-com, either a tos_id if the merchant is using our checkout or shipping data including for example the shipping_method which will need to be mapped by the merchant so that whatever the shipping method is called in their systems is mapped to the carrier products internal name in Ingrid.


// example of a booking request using TOS ID 

curl --location --request POST '' \

--header 'Authorization: Bearer ...' \

--data-raw '{

"tosId": "01F4F5BS2BS845EJ04ZNTQZ9K6",

"numberOfParcels": "1"



In the case of manual booking, then please refer to the separate article titled "How to book a shipment on IMP"?


From Ingrid's side we will;

  1. Set up the TA on-stage account, that reflects the merchant’s business requirements
  2. Provide guidance on the data flow between the merchant’s ecosystem and Ingrid 
  3. Review project customization proposals, if any

During this phase, the merchant should, 

  1. Integrate Ingrid TA into their eco-system (to Secure the communication between E-com, ERP, WMS, and Ingrid API)
  2. Run the first booking test on stage environment from (test order creation to create & book the shipment, until label creation) to verify the correct flow of booking 
  3. confirm the label generated from our TA with each individual carrier contact whether the size, format, fonts, and information on the labels are fine