Testing & Go-live

Before going live it's a Merchant who conducts end-to-end testing. Ingrid supports a Merchant on this last mile and assists in the situations when something goes not according to plan.

At this phase, the TA is finalized on the staging environment, and Ingrid helps to migrate the staging configuration to the production site. It is crucial to do a profound testing of all the shipping products and a thorough verification of the shipping labels and shipment confirmation with the carrier.

Test the end-to-end booking flow

  1. Test each shipping method on production. (from transport order to label creation with the use of Ingrid TA)
  2. Confirm that the integration and booking flow is as expected
  3. Booking requests, responses, and labels are to be secured to the carriers.
  4. For international products - verify customs declaration
  5. Last step: carrier approves the shipments. Ingrid approves to the merchant that they can use TA fully on production.