Filter rules

This article explains what filter rules are and how to set them in Ingrid Merchant Platform

    What are filter rules?

    Filter rules in Ingrid are used to define the behavior of the delivery options that Ingrid Delivery Checkout should produce for each checkout session.

    Filter rules decide if Carrier Product or Delivery Category should be valid for showing delivery options. All rules validate the given statement and return a boolean response(True/False) for each rule. Based on if the full rule execution is True or False, the Category(or Carrier Method) is Shown(True) or "Not Shown"(False). 

    Setup guidance

    TIP: filter rules are the key to control the cases when you want to show/remove a delivery option in the Checkout. Consider all the various conditions when you want to remove a delivery offering from a Delivery Checkout widget. Be it a particular weight limitation, or a specific country zone or the size of the package (for example for the lockers products).

    How to add a filter rule in Ingrid Merchant Platform?

    There are numerous functions in Ingrid available for you to adjust carrier product or delivery product and make a service available/unavailable for an end customer. Depending on the setup, please consider which of the above would benefit you. A carrier product could have two delivery types linked and the filter could affect both. A delivery category can be linked to a single or more carrier products, which gives us another option of control.

    You might have a contract in place which requires from you to ship a product under 7kg. Let us have a look on how a solution for such scenario can be implemented.


    1. From your Ingrid Merchant admin go to Delivery Checkout > Regions > Specific region

    2. Select a specific Delivery Category or Carrier Product.

    Note: Filter rule could be set on a delivery category or on a carrier product.

    3. Set a filter rule in the "Filter rules section".

    TIP: Mind the values of the dimensions and parameters you set the filter rules with. In Ingrid, we work with: grams, millimeters, and cents. It means:

    - should be defined in grams
    Dimensions (Length, Width, Height) - in millimeters
    Price / Values - Cent based (10.50 € = 1050)

    Available functions

    VALUE screen shot Zrzut ekranu 2022-07-25 o 14.54.53

    Zrzut ekranu 2022-01-11 o 13.23.55 
    DATE screen shot

    Zrzut ekranu 2022-02-1 o 15.33.11

    TIP: matches_any_pattern(base, pattern 1, ... , patterN)
    // Reports whether at least one pattern matches the base argument.
    // For pattern should be used Glob syntax (more info about Glob syntax)

    Pattern syntax:
    '*' - matches any sequence of characters.
    '?' - matches any single character
    '[123aB]' - matches one character given in the bracket
    '[0-6]' - matches one character from the range given in the bracket


    OTHER screen shot