Testing & GoLive

This Checklist will be at your hand to go through and verify before going live with Ingrid Delivery Checkout.

Before any GO LIVE it's a Merchant who is responsible for the end-to-end testing (from the Checkout to a printed label). Ingrid supports a Merchant on this last mile and assists in the situations when something goes not according to the plan. At this phase the setup of Delivery Checkout is finalised on the staging environment, and Ingrid helps to migrate the staging configuration to the production site.

Checklist review

Warehouse information

  1. Set warehouse cutoffs per a Warehouse in Ingrid admin

This is the break time in the Checkout widget for when Ingrid adds another day to delivery time.
Eg. Let say category is set to show 1-3 business days. Cut off is set to: 15:00 every week day:

    1. Checkout will show 1-3 business days until 15:00 is passed, then Ingrid uses the following cut off (15:00 next day to calculate delivery time)
    2. Since it is set to 15:00 also in this case Ingrid will show 2-4 business days after 15:00
  1. Set correct warehouse addresses and coordinates. Learn more

User experience tests

  1. Test load of all the countries with a correct locale. Learn more on locales and translations
  2. Review that preselected option is correct. Learn more
  3. Review naming of categories in all supported languages that are used on the sites. Learn more
  4. Test the Delivery time promise per options. Learn more
  5. Test the Shipping prices and price adjustments if you use price rules. Learn more
  6. Check Free shipping indicator for multiple countries and cases. Learn more

Test the end-to-end booking flow

From the Checkout to printing out the label.

  1. Secure that all external_method_id per Region is set correctly. Learn more on external method ids.
  2. Secure that integration forwarding of info works to WMS.
  3. Secure that correct label is printed end-to-end.