3 Steps of Onboarding Ingrid TA

There are 3 main checkpoints to pass to get Ingrid TA up and running.


During the scoping Ingrid collects and analyses all the requirements and expectations from a Merchant which will be used in setting up the TA. It includes the delivery offerings and carrier services to be used.

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Configuration & Integration:

During this phase, we will set up TA based on your business requirements and needs. This article also includes what you need to get started with integrating Ingrid TA into your ecosystem.

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Testing & Go-live:

Before going live it is absolutely necessary for end-to-end testing (from transport order to Label creation). Ingrid supports a Merchant on this last mile and assists in the situations when something goes not according to plan. At this phase, the TA is finalized on the staging environment, and Ingrid helps to migrate the staging configuration to the production site.

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