Carrier products

This section is about the concept of carrier products in Ingrid Checkout and the way how to use them in Ingrid Merchant Platform.

What is a Carrier Product in Ingrid?

A Carrier product stands for a real carrier service offered by a Carrier company. There are over a 100 of integrated carrier products in Ingrid which you could use on the Delivery Checkout. To view the full list check Carrier integrations

Tip: a carrier product is something more specific than a carrier company. For example: UPS - is a package delivery company, and UPS Express Saver is a UPS's carrier product. Or DHL is a logistics company and DHL Freight Service Point is a carrier product.

Setup guidance


Adding a Carrier product

Carrier products structure in Ingrid Platform

The current carrier products view in Ingrid Merchant platform hold the following information and settings:

  • Carrier Logo
  • Carrier Product Name - eg. DHL Express Worldwide
  • Ingrid shipping_method identifier - eg. dhl-eww - it's an internal identifier (code) of this particular carrier product in Ingrid
  • External method ID - representation of a product in a Merchants' systems. External method id is an identifier used in a Merchant's WMS or TMS to book a shipment with a right carrier product. Learn more in External Method ID
  • Base price - defines the base price for a delivery with this carrier product. 
  • Price rules - is a set of conditions which define delivery price adjustments based on various parameters. Learn more in Price rules 
  • Carrier product filter rules - a set of conditions which control the fact whether a delivery option is shown or not shown on the Checkout. Read more in Filter rules
  • Shipping date adjustment - is a setting to add a static change of the delivery time promise that will be presented to a final consumer. Learn more in Shipping date adjustment