Configuration & Customisation

During the Configuration and Customisation step we set up Delivery experience depending on how you want to expose Delivery Checkout for your customers.

What should I as a Merchant expect during the Configuration & Customisation step?

During the configuration process Merchant:

  • Assign responsibles for Ingrid training
  • Set up delivery offerings in Ingrid Merchant Platform

From Ingrid side we:

  • Provide a demo of staging environment
  • Support Initial Delivery Configurations
  • Review project customization proposals

IMP Training

There will be a short introduction training about Ingrid Merchant Platform (IMP) for you to set up the fundamentals of the Delivery Checkout. Like delivery offerings, shipping price and delivery time, warehouse schedule, preselection order, external method ids for the booking.

Before and after feel free to find some guidance in Ingrid Help Center

Creating a base for Ingrid Delivery Checkout includes: