Delivery Categories

This article contains information about what a Delivery Category is and guidance on how to setup a Delivery Category.

What is a Delivery Category?

A Delivery category is the container that is actually presented in the Delivery Checkout. A Delivery category has many names: delivery option or a delivery offerings. There are many settings possible to adjust in order to perfect the checkout experience for the consumer. The main settings for a Delivery Category are:

  • Base delivery time and delivery time presentation
  • Carrier products
  • Text settings and Translations
  • Category Labels
  • Category Tags
  • Category properties

Initial setup

Tip: to show any delivery option in Delivery Checkout you will need to add a delivery category. There is the only thing needed in order for a Delivery Category to appear in the Checkout: a carrier product which is linked to a delivery category. You can then test load the Delivery Checkout to secure that the option works.

Actions for Delivery Categories

Adding a Delivery Category


Category labels


Filter rules

Delivery time

Delivery category structure

ID - unique internal identifier of a category in Ingrid

Linked regions - one or multiple regions the category is connected.

Active - on/off - the status of a category which defines if it will be/won't be shown in the Checkout

Category name - the default name of the category in Ingrid Platform.

Delivery type - the defined type of the Delivery Category (Delivery, Pickup, Mailbox, Instore)

Delivery time - the container which defines the delivery time promise. Learn more in Delivery time

Carrier products - the linked carrier product which is "hidden" behind a delivery category and defines the logo, the shipping price, other adjustments connected to a specific carrier product.

Translations - the translations of the delivery category name to different languages in which the delivery alternatives are displayed in the website. Find more in Translations

Labels - sustainability, priority or custom label. Find more in Category labels

Delivery add-ons - delivery add-ons are consumer facing add-ons such as carry in, insurance and leave at door. Find more in Delivery add-ons.

Filter rules - the rules which define the circumstances when a delivery category is shown/not shown on the checkout. Learn more in Filter rules

Tags - these are unique identifiers of Delivery Category. Category tags give a Merchant the possibility to tag a Delivery Category to be able to identify that specific category when it is used or selected by a consumer in Checkout. Find more in Category Tags

Preselection order - an order which defines which delivery option in the checkout should be preselected when checkout is provided to a consumer. Learn more in Preselection order

Properties - ungrouped delivery categories settings. Find more in Properties

Delivery Categories listing

The category listing page list delivery categories by:

  • Category Name - sorted Sort order
  • Sort order - The listing order of the delivery category in the Delivery Checkout
  • Carrier products - The defined carrier products for that Delivery Category, one or many.
  • Delivery Type - The defined type of the Delivery Category (Delivery, Pickup, Mailbox, Instore)
  • Category status - Active / Inactive
  • Delivery Categories can also be deleted from this listing view